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Hi there, I'm Joanna but please call me Jo.


I am a photographer located in south Brisbane specializing in newborn and family and child photography. Ever since my two beautiful children were born I have loved (or been obsessed by?) capturing their smiles, laughter, frowns and tears, and I would love to capture these moments for you as well whether it be your precious newborn bundle of joy, young child or entire family. 

As a mother myself I know how quickly they grow and how easily life gets in the way of capturing these special memories. One day they are a newborn so tiny in your arms and the next a rambunctious toddler who never stops (or is that just mine?) and the next a they are starting their first day of school. My goal as photographer and mother is capture these moments, your moments, your memories and freeze them in time for you and your children and even your children's children to cherish for years to come.

So I hope to hear from you soon so we can capture some of those smiles and giggles that are so important to you.

All the best, 


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