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Brisbane Newborn photography

We've heard it before, they will only be this little for a such short time, newborn portraits are a wonderful way to document this incredibly special and fleeting time in your lives. 

Your baby's safety is of paramount importance to me and I have completed various newborn safety courses as well as having a first aid certificate in infants and young children. I am also fully immunized including being vaccinated for whooping cough and Covid 19.    


Newborn sessions are baby led meaning that I will pay attention to what your baby is comfortable doing and what they are not comfortable with. I will do my best to get as many poses as possible but if your baby does not like a certain pose we will move on. I have studied newborn posing extensively and have many years of experience handling new babies both as a photographer and as a mother of two myself so you can rest easy knowing your precious bundle of joy is in good hands.


I aim to create a beautiful and cohesive gallery that also has plenty of variety for you to choose from. This is done through the use of props such as headbands, hats, and bonnets as well as background changes and small posing changes.

When should I book?

The best time to book your newborn session is while you are still pregnant, usually in the third trimester. This not only ensures availably and gives me time to prepare for your session, it also makes it easier for you as the sleepless nights and stress can be overwhelming for new parents and booking your newborn session is the last thing on your mind. When we book you in for your session I will make a tentative booking for your due date and once baby arrives just send me an email or text and we can arrange an exact date. 

Booking early is also important as the first two weeks is the ideal time to photograph newborns. Babies at this age are much sleepier and a sleeping baby is much easier to pose and does not become distressed. Having said that I understand that family life is hectic so if baby arrives and you still have not booked there's no need to panic, I often get bookings for older newborns and have photographed babies up to 8 weeks old with great success. Just get in touch to find out what my availability is like.

How can I prepare for my session?

You can sit back and leave the preparations up to me. After discussing styling options with you I will select props, backdrops etc based and have everything ready to go when the session starts. If you have any specific requests or something important you would like included in the session that is wonderful and I would be more than happy to include it, I just ask that you let me beforehand so I can add it into my preparations.   

How long will the session last  

This really depends on baby, but a full newborn session can typically last between 2 and 4 hours. I only take one newborn booking per day so we can take our time to ensure that baby is happy and comfortable.

Where will my session take place?


Sessions take place in my home studio in Oxley.

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