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Brisbane Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman's life, the beginning of your journey into motherhood and your bond with the tiny human growing inside you.


The nine months we spend anticipating the arrival of our new little love can be fleeting (although it might not feel this way)and a Maternity session is a beautiful to document your transition into motherhood.


Documenting this journey is what I love to do and have a great deal of experience posing women so that they look as stunning as possible.  

When should I book my Maternity session?

Between 34 and 36 weeks is the best time for your session to take place, this ensures that your belly will show up nice and round for the photos but also give us enough time before your due date in case baby decided to arrive early. It is recommended that you book well before that not only to secure your spot but in case there are complications and we need to move your session forward. 

Do you provide outfits for my session?

Yes I do.

I have a large selection of beautiful maternity gowns for you to choose from in a variety of colours. In addition I also provide some hair accessories such as flower crowns. 

Where/When will my session take place?

Maternity sessions take place at an outdoor location in one of the many parks, reserves  or beaches Brisbane has to offer. It will be scheduled in the hours before sunset known as "the golden hour" to photographers as the light at this time of day creates flattering images that are full of depth and warmth. 

Are other family members allowed?

Absolutely yes. Your partner and other children are more than welcome, in fact I encourage you to bring them along even if they only end up in a few photos. Maternity sessions are about documenting an incredibly special time for you and your family is a big part of what makes it so special. 

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